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Homecoming Review

Previously published December 4, 2021.
Alice Zhou (’22)

Previously published December 4, 2021.


On the eventful warm summer-ish day of September 25, 2021, many of the BISV upper-schoolers attended the Homecoming dance of 2021. And yes, the word “summer-ish” has been written even though it was late September, and late September is fall. But this was a day of misconceptions, and an unusually enjoyable one for many. In fact, one of the freshmen exclaimed, “It was fun. The full 3 hours and 15minutes.” But as written, this was a day of misconceptions. The dance was supposed to only last from six o’clock to nine o’clock, three hours. But, in reality, students were so engrossed in dancing and having a good time that the dance music barely finished before nine.

The most liked aspect of the dance was the photo booth bus. In fact it got so crowded with people, that there was a six-person-at-a-time limit in the photo booth towards the end of the dance. Many people also really loved the dancing. A couple freshmen had mentioned that they had not expected to dance, since dancing was not their forte, but they surprisingly ended up dancing their hearts out. The food also got a lot of compliments. There was even a group of kids outside eating quesadillas and yelling “chug, chug, chug, chug,” while two kids were struggling to drink massive amounts of soda.

Although many students thoroughly enjoyed themselves, some thought the decorations and theme were too minimal. In fact one sophomore said, “Lacking a bit. Only one poster.” Many people were surveyed, and the theme got an overall rating of 6.46 out of 10. Many students also found the music lacking. In fact, over 50 percent said that BISV needed a better DJ.

Despite the few shortcomings of the dance, on average, people rated their experience to be an eight out of ten. It is rare that the rating of a school event is that high, so this dance should definitely be considered an overall success. In fact, Haylee Lim, a junior, responded to the dance with one word, “LITTTTTT”. Many students felt that after a year of virtually no in-person social events, this was a much warranted reprieve, and many hope that future events will measure up to this one.

Data gathered after the event:

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