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The Curse of Tippecanoe
The Curse of Tippecanoe
February 15, 2024

Senior Interviews: Early Action Blues

Previously Published Nov. 19, 2022
Interviewer: Ava Y.
Interviewees: Claire W. & Garv M.
Total time on record: 23:12:06
General location: BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, Cupertino Bus
31 October 2022
[11:56] Ava: Please state your name and spell it out.
[11.57] Claire: Claire W[redacted]. C-L-A-I-R-E– W-[redacted]
[11:58] Ava: Soooo… it’s going to be November 1st in two minutes. Jessie, are you ready to submit your early school applications?
[11:58] Claire: [laughing]
[11:59] Claire: [still laughing]
[11:59] Ava: [deep sigh] let’s just try this again tomorrow…
1 November 2022
[04:18] Ava: Please state your name and spell it out. Let’s try this one more time.
[04:20] Claire: Claire W[redacted] . C-L-A-I-R-E– W-[redacted]
[04:21] Ava: Okay! So, let’s get started. Today is November 1st, and it’s currently 4:21 pm. Right now we’re on the school bus, on our way to Cupertino Library. Doesn’t this feel so weird? Like, I can already tell that moments like these are going to be so nostalgic. Sorry, let’s actually get started. College applications for early schools are due today at 11:59 pm. How are you feeling? Does it feel like a huge part of senior year is over now that you’re in the midst of submitting applications?
[04:23] Claire: Can I be totally honest here? Senioritis is literally kicking me in the [redacted]. It’s not like I have a lot of work this year, it’s just that, like, I don’t really feel like doing it. Since the deadline for college apps feels so far away, I haven’t had the motivation to spread out my time and not procrastinate.
[04:27] Ava: [speechless] Uhmm wow. Okay, so that was pretty deep. I feel like a lot of seniors can relate to your sentiment. It’s really hard to get self-motivated. Even though we had a lot of work last year, we had a deadline to force us to do work, you know what I mean?
[04:29] Claire: [nods & pauses] Wait. Are interviewers supposed to contribute to the conversation? I thought you were just documenting what I’m supposed to say???
[04:30] Ava: I think that’s enough for now… [sighs] Thanks, Claire.
2 November 2022
[05:07] Ava: [clears throat] Please state your name and spell it out.
[05:07] Garv: I’m Garv. G-A-R-V
[05:07] Ava: Oh! Your last name too, please. I probably should have clarified that.
[05:08] Garv: Garv M [redacted]. G-A-R-V–M-[redacted]
[05:09] Ava: Okay so. It’s November 2nd, which means that you’ve probably submitted all your early schools right? Even though it must feel pretty liberating to finally submit some applications, there’s obviously still a lot of work to do. Which school’s application are you most worried about writing?
[05:11] Garv: Uhm…. [clearly uncomfortable]
[05:12] Ava: Oh. You can say this off the record or I can redact any school’s name if you want. Like, don’t say anything you don’t want to, you know?
[05:12] Garv: No it’s okay. I’m really scared for Stanford’s application because their essays are really different from the other ones I’m writing. I can’t recycle my old essays [laughs] and I feel like I’d have to put in a lot of time to write them.
[05:14] Ava: [nodding] No yeah, I totally get that. My sympathies for those who applied REA to Stanford. Those essays are [redacted] to write.
[05:15] Ava: On another topic, trimester one is over in a little over two weeks! Since we’re seniors, we’re basically halfway through the school year. I don’t know about you but I feel a little freaked out. I barely feel like a senior as is. Are there any particular goals or milestones that you want to accomplish before you graduate? Something that will really solidify your senior year.
[05:17] Garv: You know what? Okay. So, I’ve never been to a concert before right? This year, my friends and I are planning on going to the Taylor Swift concrete in July and also the Lewis Capaldi one in April. I’m so pumped to see them live. You’re also in line for the pre-sale tickets for TS right?
[05:18] Ava: Yeah, I am. I just have a bad omen that I’m not going to get tickets, you know? But Lewis Capaldi? Oh my god, I am literally so jealous right now.
[05:18] Ava: Last question. Can you give some advice for any underclassmen reading this? It can be about college, life, school, et cetera, et cetera… But, no generic advice, please. I mean, every person hears the whole “don’t procrastinate on college apps” or “do more research for your schools” spiel, we want to give our readers something original.
[05:19] Garv: [silence]
[05:19] Ava: Oh wow. You’re thinking about this pretty deeply. Want to go off the record for a few minutes?
[05:21] Garv: Okay, I think I have something. This might be a little controversial but– don’t be blinded by prestige. I have friends that are applying to really prestigious schools that are ranked really high by US News but they don’t actually like or know anything about the school. If you go to a school for the title or the name, you’re not going to be truly happy there. These are the next four years of your life. Make sure that you do proper research into every school you’re considering. These rankings aren’t the end all be all. Ava, you’re applying early to Columbia, right? Columbia recently dropped a lot on the US News rankings but that doesn’t change anything about the school, only the placing on a list created by– [redacted]. At the end of the day, it’s just a number.
[05:24] Garv: On another note, I feel like there’s been a negative stigma surrounding liberal arts schools, especially at BISV. I would highly encourage seniors to research more into these schools; even though “arts” is in the name, they give you a much more well-rounded education. Yes, you do take arts and humanities courses but you also take STEM ones. You’re really being treated as a scholar. These resources will help you become a much more worldly person.
[05:26] Ava: So. Are you applying to any liberal arts schools? [accusatory look]
{05:27] Garv: As a matter of fact, I am. Go Swarthmore Phoenixes! So excited to potentially be a Swattie. [proud]
[05:28] Ava: [dubious laughing] You’re really passionate about this, huh? I’d just like to add to some of what Garv said, even though reporters aren’t supposed to demonstrate bias [frowns]. Since we’re BISV students, we understand the elitist culture that’s present. It’s easy to hear “oh, go to safeties you actually see yourself going to” or “don’t just look at rankings”. In actuality, however, we get that it’s much harder to set these limits at the moment. Before going into college app season I would suggest having a limit– apply to at least two safeties you could actually see yourself attending and eliminate at least one Ivy. Don’t overestimate yourself, though. Trust me, it’s much harder to take this advice with the peer pressure and culture here.
[05:30] Ava: Okay, anything else you want to add before we go off the record? I don’t think I had enough questions prepared but feel free to talk about anything you want. Just know I may have to redact it.
[05:30] Garv: Uhmmm.. I don’t think so? You can end this interview now.
As the Class of 2023 graduates soon, The Quill wanted to provide some tangible and authentic memories of our seniors. Quotes and summarizations simply don’t capture the essence of human interactions and emotions the way interviews do. These senior interviews are our attempt at capturing the ups and downs of this year. Do you feel the stress, excitement, and hope radiating off the screen?
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