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What does your favorite Quill officer say about you?

Previously Published Jan. 5, 2023
You’re a real-life Hocus Pocus character. You’re into tarot card reading and astrology and probably say “Sorry, that was so Scorpio of me”. You participated in Inktober and drew something extremely morbid with numerous skeletons. You’re also a former goth and still listen to Paramore and The Neighbourhood. You’re a self-proclaimed avid Pinterest user and your pins consist of art inspiration, tattoos, or piercings that you want to get in the future. You are a future (or current) nose-piercing owner and cat mom. You will 100% have a black cat and weird patchwork sofas in the future. Argue with the wall, but please don’t hex me.
If your favorite officer is Ava, you’re extremely basic and probably say the phrase, “Oh my god, that is literally sooo crazy” at least ten times a day. You resemble a hyper chihuahua, and really need to stop yapping at your fellow poodle and border collie friends. You’re the designated weird laugher in your friend group, where your laugh is 100% funnier than the actual joke. Your favorite colors are pink, pink, pink, and anything that makes you look like a Barbie Dreamhouse Doll character. You know Patrick Bateman’s extensive morning skincare routine? Yeah, that’s probably you in the future.


If your favorite officer is Reagan, you are 100% on your way to becoming an ABG or ABB. You wear that one generic pair of circle frame glasses, go home to your red gamer chair, blast Twice and Pentagon, and play League of Legends for five hours while on a discord call with your friends. You also listened to “Glimpse of Us” by Joji and unironically thought, “wow, I can relate to this so much”. You’re also the type of person to play keshi and proclaim that he’s this “reallyyy underground artist” that “you probably haven’t heard of.” Go drink your Taro Milk Tea with 75% sugar in peace, please.
 Amber & Jessie
How’s the view up there? Up where??? Oh, just up on the 10 ft tall pedestal that you’ve placed yourself on. You think that listening to Hozier and Cocteau Twins and reading The Secret History makes you cool and different. You might be a little cool, but you’re not different! You go on “walks through nature” and blast “Bags” by Clairo, pretending that you’re the main character of some small-town romance. You watch Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese’s “films” and make some pretentious comments about the cinematography. You say you don’t have any form of social media because you think you’re too cool, but you probably have some secret account that you don’t tell your friends about. You think you’re the Rory Gilmore, the Elena Gilbert, but in reality? You’re probably Side Character #8.
You probably go home to your little cottage in the woods, make yourself a little cup of tea, watch the little sunset, and do little crosswords until you fall asleep. You search for “cozy, warm, fireplace sounds” on Spotify and play the first thing that comes to mind. You probably drink tea and like to drink it straight. You psycho. When you bump into things, you definitely say “oopsie!” and then proceed to bump into something again. It’s a cycle. Your favorite colors are sage green, brown, and any other colors that will make you look like an old grandma who loves to knit.
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