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Hot Takes

For those who don’t know, a hot take is any piece of commentary that’s produced quickly. At BISV, we have a plethora of these, all making for entertaining conversations. Below are just a few. 

First, Chloe L. excitedly shares hers: “I like ginger guys. People all hate ginger guys. The more they look like a leprechaun, the better.” There was some agreement in the room. The Quill believes that St. Patrick’s Day may be popular among this certain group!

Twisha K., overhearing this take but unaware to what a hot take is, provides her own: “Sriracha. Life is hot.” After an explanation, she stays on the same theme as Chloe: “I like the crispiness of Scottish people’s accents.” But it didn’t stop there. She continues, “I don’t appreciate the pillars in BISV.” I agree, we should definitely find a more aesthetically pleasing way to ensure that the styrofoam above our heads doesn’t cave in! She confidently adds, “Journalism club eats.” However this isn’t a hot take, everyone agrees!

Angela L. shares that she believes “cute guys are better than hot guys.” Angela is a woman in STEM, so she makes sure to back up her claim with evidence. She explains, “William Thacker in Notting Hill is cuter than Pete Mitchell in Top Gun.” We love the scientific method!

Ms. Shapiro has strong feelings about a particular shoe in the fashion industry: Crocs. With much disdain, she makes it clear that she will never put those perforated excuses for a shoe on. She explains, “I think Crocs should not exist. They are horrendous, and an embarrassment to the footwear industry. I know a lot of students like Crocs, but…” She’s not wrong about the last part, as you roam through the crowded BISV halls you may come across several students who wear Crocs. Watch out everyone, Ms. Shapiro may be secretly judging you! To avoid this, I would suggest that Croc lovers carefully paper mache over the shoe to hide its holes. 

Ava Y. (the past editor-in-chief of the Quill), gives her opinion on Timothee Chamalet:  “Timothee Chalamet is actually really ugly.” After some further deliberation, she makes the eye-opening comparison, “He looks like Phineas, from Phineas and Ferb.” Fan or not, it’s difficult to argue with such a spot-on observation.

Navya M. shares, “Brad Pitt is overrated. If he were a bug, he’d be a cockroach.” I’m sure Navya is on to something. The next question is whether the cockroach would have his jawline or not. If anyone has answers, I’d love to hear them.

Pooja P. brings a fresh perspective on useful ways to spend time. She asserts, “English is a useful major.” Being a newspaper, The Quill supports this endeavor. Continuing with the theme of usefulness, she states, “DECA is useful.” Maybe Pooja plans on analyzing the rhetorical devices in her future business plans!

Alina H. has a positive view of something that countless students across the country loathe: AP exam season. With a smile on her face, she explains, “Studying for APs can be kinda fun.” We should all strive to reach this level one day. The Quill completely supports this glass-half-full mentality!

Cindy L. comments on a daily application in many lives. Her take is that “Face ID sucks.” Alina agrees with this. Furthermore, Cindy and Alina argue: “Pop tarts suck.” I suggest that the best way to get rid of them would be to throw them at your least favorite mosquito. Sharing is caring! Just be sure to aim carefully and not miss. We wouldn’t want to waste any, would we?

Aditi S. shares, “Chocolate is always better than vanilla. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate cupcakes, everything. People who like vanilla are boring.” You’ll never catch Aditi eating a swirl soft serve cone. With her, it’s only chocolate. 

Max G. decides to provide his opinion on the lasting controversy over the role of pineapple on pizza. He believes: “Pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza.” Max is sticking with the traditional approach to a classic Italian dish.

Nathan W. adds to the food opinions. He shares, “Mayonnaise should not be a thing.” The best solution I can offer to solve this issue is to create a time machine and travel back to 1756. Next, take a boat and go to France. It may take some time. Find the French chef of the Duke de Richelieu, the inventor of mayonnaise. Now, all you have to do is find a way to get him fired, which may discourage him from his culinary discovery.

(Disclaimer: These opinions were collected last year, so some may have changed.)

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