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Costco: The Free Samples


Ah yes, Costco. An adult’s Disneyland. One of the only places in the world where you can get toothbrushes to washing machines to a trip to the Bahamas–a truly magical experience. However, the star of the show would definitely have to be the free samples.

Back in 2019, free samples were scattered around in all the cracks and corners of Costco. In every aisle you turn to, you are met with the most aromatic, …”, mouth-watering smell of a delicious, appetizing food option waiting for you to enjoy.

Well, that was until 2020, when I strode into Costco, heading straight for the samples, only to be met with complete disappointment. Aisle by aisle, I searched for free samples, but by the time I reached the lengthy checkout line, I had accepted my fate. Costco had no free samples… on Sundays. You see, the day I went to Costco was on a Sunday, and since I’m no quitter, I wouldn’t even consider stopping my search for free samples after only ONE day of not seeing them.

So the hunt continued.

A few weeks later, I ventured to Costco with a single goal in mind: locate the free samples. I marched into Costco, scanning the aisles with the help of my brother (who was also pretty hungry at the time), but in the end, we were left with empty stomachs. Again.

This was a sad time for me as Costco trips had changed forever. What was the difference between Costco and Trader Joe’s? Should I have gone to Trader Joe’s instead? It was closer anyway…

But as a true enjoyer of Costco, I continued to go, like I had the choice to stop… Anyway, as the year progressed; Costco’s magical effect was slowly slipping away.

Until recently…

Summer of ‘23
While casually strolling through the aisles at Costco, my eyes landed on an ancient artifact I hadn’t seen in a long time: the free samples. I was astonished as, after three years, I was met with a familiar aromatic smell of fresh quesadillas being made.

While taking a quesadilla resting delicately on parchment paper, I realized one thing. Never give up on Costco. (#notsponsored)

Anyway, that wraps up my experience with free samples pretty much up to date. Who else is excited about their return? Hopefully, they don’t go away again (knock on wood).

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