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Las Vegas Travel Guide


This past Winter Break, my parents and I went to Las Vegas. Even though the stay was only four days, we visited so many places and took lots of pictures. Here are some of my suggestions for what you can do in Las Vegas:



The Sphere is an arena that includes music and entertainment opened in 2023 which soon became extremely popular. Many people like me went to Las Vegas just to see it. The Sphere is made up of lots of LED lights, and from far away, it projects images ranging from cute emojis to landscapes. Apart from the impressive design on the outside, the inside is just as awe-inspiring. When you buy the tickets, it tells you that the total time you spend inside is around two hours. During the first hour, you can see and interact with the AI technologies.. There is a humanoid robot that can interact with people, a place where you can create your own 3D video, etc. In the second hour,  you watch a 3D movie called Postcard from Earth. The sound effects and visuals are really shocking.



Cosmopolitan, the hotel where we stayed at, is very aesthetic. It was not my first time there, but the interiors surprise me every time. If you stay on any high floor at Chelsea Tower of the Cosmopolitan hotel and face the strip, you should be able to see the Sphere. 😀 There, you may also watch the water show put on by the Bellagio. 



If you are in Las Vegas, you can not miss out on the amazing food at the following places:

X Pot is a Sichuan-style hot pot restaurant at the Venetian Hotel. The mood of this restaurant is mysterious and unique. Most of the lights are off except for the ones at each table that illuminated the hot pot. X Pot is famous for its Wagyu Feast. Wagyu Feast is Japanese raw beef that is famous for its tenderness. Other than the Wagyu Feast, another thing I found interesting is that if you order the spicy soup base, it comes with a teddy bear. This teddy bear is made with spicy butter; it melts as the pot heats up.

The Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace offers cuisines from all over the World. They have American, Chinese, and Korean food, just to name a few, and my favorite was the Korean glass noodle. If you like seafood, the crab and scallops there are really enjoyable. There are also a wide variety of desserts that you can choose from. 


The Las Vegas night view is beautiful. The neon lights that are turned on in the evening and the bustling streets create a totally different atmosphere. If you go to Las Vegas next time, make sure to visit these places!!!




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