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Congratulations to Our Middle Schoolers!!

Congratulations to Our Middle Schoolers!!

The BISV Quill would like to congratulate our middle schoolers on finishing their pre-comps!! Whether it be their first or their last, completing the pre-comprehensive exam marks an important milestone as it is 15% of their trimester 2 grades. The pre-comps serve as not only an opportunity for self reflection but also a valuable experience.  Now that our students have taken the pre-comps, some of them have changed their views on these daunting exams. As a follow-up to our previous article, Precomp Interviews, we have once again talked to our Bobcats to ask them for their input and feelings for the past week.

6th Graders

“The pre-comps were much easier than I thought. They were good.”

  • Andrew L.

“They were good and pretty easy.”

  • Yichen D.

“They weren’t that bad except for chemistry. It was easier than I thought it would be.”

  • Kelly B.

“The pre-comps were so much harder than I thought. It was sooooooo hard since I studied right before the test.”

  • Alex Y.

7th Graders

“Pre-comps were easier than I thought. I’m pretty proud of what I did since I know my answers are correct.”

  • Astin W.

“It was harder because I studied a day before the test.”

  • Christopher L.

“I think it was easier than I thought it would be for most subjects, and I’m pretty sure I did well on probably physics, chemistry, history, and math.”

  • Olivia Z.

8th Graders

“They actually went pretty well this year as in they weren’t as bad as I had thought, but the chemistry common was a little funky because it was all the material from the first week of school so I had to really dig back in my brain for that.”

  • Kavya V.

“Pre-comps was actually easier than I thought but the hardest personally was physics and the easiest was English or chem.”

  • Alessia B.

“Even though some of the questions are wrong for chem, I’m pretty confident. It was a bit easier than I thought.” 

  • Brian M.

“Ummm, they weren’t the best, honestly most of the tests were worse than I expected.”

  • Jady Z.

“It was a lot easier than I thought. I’m not that confident though.”

  • Alex S.

The pre-comps were truly a learning experience for our middle school Bobcats. For the 6th graders, it proved to be their first of many pre-comp exams, and for the 8th graders, their last. While not everyone may go home with straight A’s across the board, each of our middle schoolers worked hard to study for their tests, and have gained valuable experience in preparing for similar high school exams for the future. Many former BISV middle schoolers, including us, have found that despite the stressful nights of studying, the pre-comps still proved to be amazing preparations for future tests such as the comps and even the AP exam. The results of the pre-comps helped us better understand our progress and what subject we excel more in and which subjects we may need more help with. However, regardless of their performance on these notorious tests, we still support and congratulate all of them, and wish them luck on their future exams! Great job Bobcats!! 

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