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BISV Met Gala: Spirit Week Strut

Previously Published Sep 22. 2022

Previously Published Sep 22. 2022

Note*: All featured parties gave explicit consent to be in this article.

Attention! Instead of the usual New York Metropolitan Museum, this year’s Met Gala was held at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. This prestigious institution has chosen the fashion couture theme: “Hollywood”, with a daily red-carpet-esque line-up from September 12th to September 16th to bring out BISV’s hidden Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburns.

Day I: Escape from L.A. Day

Did we fool you? Did you see the overwhelming amount of Hawaiian shirts and think that the theme was “Beach Day”? Well, you must have overeaten avocado toast and soul cycled too passionately. How about an escape? Take some inspiration from Strut attendees! 



Ava Y. (‘23) gives some advice on how to look as good as her:  “First, raid your Dad’s closet for his oversized Hawaiian shirt, and second, be born with my face”. 

Whew, the ego! It’s a good thing she is escaping from L.A.’s superficial culture before her head gets even more inflated! The botox must be getting to her.









Uhmmmm do you smell something in the air? Anvi S. (‘24) is taking in the breeze! Gone are the prepubescent, Axe body spray, sweat-filled fumes of BISV teenagers. The air is now infiltrated with tropical smoothies, Brazillian Bum Bum perfume, and coconut water. 







Day II: Stunt Double Day 

Parent Trap. Twin Flames. Stunt Doubles. Day II of Strut was filled with dazzling double-headed monsters that absolutely demolished BASIS’s self-constructed runway. Check out these Cole and Dylan Sprouses!



Swayne, The Jock, Sohnson (‘23). Hooper by day, wrestler by night, this turtle neck-wearing, Steve Jobs lookalike is absolutely swishing all the nets and hitting all the three-pointers.







Day III: On Wednesday, We Wear Pink.

Are you a Regina George, a Karen, or a Gretchen? Unsure? Never fear, once you are decked out in pink, your true Mean Girl persona will come out. Here are The Quill’s favorite Mean Girls!



Stevina Verge, the Queen Bobcat  of the school is rocking that pinkalicious glow. Watch out BISV, he’s going to write you up in the Burn Book!!

His minions, Anavi C. (‘23) and Ashna J. (‘23) can only hope to emulate that sass. They can try, but they will never outdo the doer!







BISV’s Bella Hadid, Amber W. (‘23), strikes a pose! She truly embodies the “model-off-duty” look. Eating her salads and faking phone calls, Amella Wadid slayed Strut week.








Day IV: Hide From The Paparazzi Day

Life is hard being beloved by the public. Luckily, “Hide from the Paparazzi Day” is the perfect day for you to reveal your celebrity status while remaining the humble and down-to-earth person that you are. Look at these celebrities hanging around the BISV campus, stealthily avoiding the cameras!



Upon spotting self-proclaimed Rufus Fanatic Aditi P. (‘23), our reporters at The Quill frantically hunted her down to try and understand her genius. Coined the next Anna Wintour and rising fashion mogul, Aditi is like an extremely rare Pokémon: as elusive as she is beautiful. 

Unfortunately, when we caught up to her she refused to comment. 








FLASH! Who is that handsome creature we just captured? Here in the Bay Area, it’s no surprise to find a generic tech bro rocking that company merch. If The Quill’s Instagram account gets hacked, we all know who did it…











Day V: Spirit Day

Of course, Friday is the classic Bobcat Spirit Day. Now, the argument has been that BISV bobcats aren’t the most spirited population , a preposterous lie, we assure you, but that stereotype has been soundly defeated by the massive showing. 

(What? No, it isn’t just because it’s the easiest day of Spirit Week.)


Irene W. (‘23) and Katherine N. (‘23) both sport matching BISV shirts, making up a wonderful 33% of the population. Go Bobcats!

All photos via Ava Y. (’23)