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Spirit Week Shenanigans 2021

Previously Published Oct 6. 2021

Previously Published Oct 6. 2021

Though virtual pep rallies were endearing in their way, with flying Zoom chat messages and lip-synch battles, nothing beats seeing the entire school back together again. Sana Alimati (‘22), the president of the Leadership Club, might be the most excited student yet. To come up with this year’s daily themes, the Leadership Club officers put their heads together to decide what they thought the school would resonate with. They noted that our school is making significant efforts towards diversity and inclusion this year by making informative posters for Hispanic Appreciation Month and adding the LGBTQ+ pride sheet on our iconic Communication Journals. This inspired Leadership to devote an entire day to celebrate gender equality, in which everyone is encouraged to wear purple to school in solidarity! Now that we’re all back on campus, Sana hopes to create tons of fun events for this upcoming year by not only bringing back pre-COVID events like the Winter Gala and Fall Festival but also pushing for new, never-seen-before BISV activities. Let’s hope auxiliary will let their ideas become a reality! 

We might not have an excellent track record for participating in school dress-up events, but here’s a shout out to some of the brave Bobcats who participated in this year’s themes:

Monday: PJs

Wear your pajamas to the school day—a classic. I don’t think anyone would complain if PJ day were every day. All in favor of a designated nap room, say aye. 

Tuesday: That Outfit Though

Do you have an outfit that you would usually never wear to school but might want to try on? Something different from your preferred style, or perhaps something fancier? Well, That Outfit Though Day is your chance to do precisely that. It’s always fun trying new things, and seeing fellow students coming to school in new outfits is quite interesting too!

Wednesday: 21st Century Nostalgia

The 2000-2010s Century Nostalgia Day, a unique spinoff of the 1900s theme. Pretty recent, yet also from more than a decade ago – we’re only in 2021 this year! Perhaps this is why on this day, many BISV students had no idea what to wear. Hats off to those who dressed up for today!

Thursday: Gender Equality

Say “yes” to this day of wearing purple as a symbol of gender equality. Spirit week’s Thursday is dedicated to promoting the acceptance and celebration of gender equality. It’s amazing to see BISV students supporting what they believe in. Don’t forget to wear purple for gender equality!

Friday: BISV Spirit

Although BISV students often go around saying that we don’t have school spirit, I think everyone feels a little surge of pride when we see an entire sea of students boasting red, black, and white on this fantastic end to spirit week. We’re a school that struggles through an innumerable number of AP exams together, with students who grind homework at midnight hard but laugh even harder. We bond over League of Legends, Demon Slayer, new Taylor Swift songs, our amazing competitive math team, our phenomenal volleyball champions, and whiteboard doodles (tip: if you’d like to see a fish with legs, make your way to Rm 204 for a surprise). As a school, we’re constantly innovating and improving, all while engaging in a fair bit of dark humor. It’s so good to be back. 

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