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Majorie Taylor Greene Sending Death Threats to Democrats

Previously published Feb 26. 2021
Austin Distel

Previously published Feb 26. 2021

Georgia Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene was the national director for a right-wing Facebook group that supported executing and punishing Democrats. The group also contained violent memes and conspiracy theories. The Facebook group has a small following of around 1,700 followers, and according to reporter Mother Jones, it is “the first and only national umbrella organization connecting, uniting, and informing statewide grassroots groups and activists; working together and mobilizing to support President Trump, protect [sic] Constitutional rights of Americans, and reinvigorate our American roots and culture.”

Members and leaders of this group have refused to wear masks during the pandemic and have proudly displad “Trump won” merchandise during protests, gatherings, and even Congress meetings. Most prominently, Genevieve Peter refused to wear a mask while standing in line at Trader Joe’s.

One of the Facebook group’s most popular posts, from 2018, contained an image of a noose and was captioned, according to Mother Jones, “ if America was to be made great again, people like former-Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and former-President Barak Obama need to be punished.” The individual who posted this also stated to “start with Hillary and Obama.”

On Greene’s own Facebook page, she expressed support for the assassination of leading left-wing politicians; liked a post saying that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi should receive a “bullet in the head”; called for the execution of FBI agents; and liked posts claiming conspiracy theories about the 2020 California wildfires.

With Greene and other politicians’ crude internet history revealed, both Republicans and Democrats have begun speaking out, seemingly both agreeing to put politics aside and unite under the belief that death threats and violence should never be advocated for.

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