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Scorpio Season

Previously published Feb. 4, 2021

Previously published Feb. 4, 2021

Scorpio has always had a reputation of being mysterious. With the start of Scorpio season on October 23rd, a season of deep love and intense emotion replaces the balanced, harmonious nature of the previous Libra season.

I. What is Scorpio?
Scorpio is the second water sign, third fixed sign, and eighth star sign of the Zodiac Chain. Its season begins on October 23rd and ends November 22nd, encompassing Halloween, Día de los Muertos, Guy Fawkes Day, and numerous other intense or “spooky” holidays. Scorpios are passionate, persistent, strategic, and loyal, as well as jealous, secretive, and can come off as controlling. Scorpios seek to create deep connections with others, and are often the most protective and loyal of friends.

Water signs are known for their intense emotions, deep intuition, and dreamy tendencies. A nurturing element, water signs are compassionate, understanding, and empathetic. They are also known for their love of aesthetic beauty and their ability to translate their view of the world into artistic works. Despite their caring nature, water signs also fall victim to mood swings, due to their tendency to feel all emotions on a deeper level than most, and can also become escapist and held hostage to a fantasy world.

Scorpio is the third fixed sign of the Zodiac chain. Fixed signs mark the middle of a new season—in Scorpio’s case, autumn—and are associated with stability and fixedness. The four fixed signs are considered the most opinionated, stubborn, and determined signs of the Zodiacs.


II. The Story of Scorpio
Although there are numerous variations of the story in Greek mythology, Scorpio is always associated with Orion, a fearless and proud hunter. In one version, Orion had boasted to Gaia, protector of all animals, that he could kill every animal on the Earth. Gaia then sent a giant scorpion, Scorpio, to kill Orion.

Another version states that Apollo, Artemis’s sister, sent Scorpio to kill Orion after he gained Artemis’s favor by admitting she was a better hunter than him. Artemis, being the goddess of chastity and hunting, prided herself on never having taken a lover. Hence, Orion’s attempted courtship of her displeased her brother, and, in other accounts, Artemis herself. In some versions of the story, Artemis was the one who sent Scorpio to kill Orion. The Scorpio constellation rises every spring, chasing the winter-hunter Orion out of the sky.

III. What Does Scorpio Season Affect?
Much like how Libra seasons bring harmony and balance to personal and business relationships, Scorpio seasons bring a sense of depth and emotional understanding to people’s lives. You may find yourself wanting to seek deeper connections with those around you, as well as becoming more prone to overthinking or jealousy. Intensity of emotions is common as well; for example, finding it hard to let go, or a sudden burst of fearlessness and confidence to ask hard questions.

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