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Warzone: Haunted Verdansk

Previously published Feb. 4, 2021

Previously published Feb. 4, 2021

Activision’s most popular game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, has incorporated many interesting features into the game as part of their Halloween update. A decision to make the game smaller in terms of size has helped them increase their number of players. Before the update, the game required at least 90 gigabytes of storage to download and took even more for other players. However, now the update allows people to uninstall parts of the game (on computers only), such as the campaign, that they didn’t want to play, helping save storage. However, that isn’t the main information from the patch notes.

In Warzone, Activision has also added or modified at least four new game modes that are appropriate for this upcoming holiday. The most popular among my friends tends to be Zombie Royale. Just like all of the other updated modes, there is no daylight when you are deployed. The objective of the mode is to be the last human surviving. While playing, you can be a human or a zombie. If a human kills another human, then the deceased person becomes a zombie, rather than going to the gulag. As a zombie, now your objective is to obtain humanity again by collecting two syringes, which are dropped from deceased bodies. You are given special gadgets like a charged jump that regenerates over time, a gas grenade that limits the enemy’s vision and increases the draw time for the enemy’s gun, and an EMP blast that eliminates the power of the map. My brother recently won a Zombie Royale game and he described the ending as “insane.”

“It was crazy since there were so many zombies chasing after you coming from all directions…..just insane,” he said. This addition to the game seems to be extremely fun and adds a hint of horror into Warzone.

In addition to Zombie Royale, Warzone added several other modes and gripping Easter eggs. One Easter egg that will keep you on your toes is called Trick or Treat. It is a scavenger hunt in which players try to track down special supply crates that could have 1/16 collectibles required to get the prize, the “Pumpkin Punisher” legendary AR blueprint. However, even if you do find this special crate, it isn’t guaranteed that it will give you a collectible and weapons; sometimes a ghost with sound effects jumpscares the player. In conclusion, with respect to the latest refurbished game modes, Warzone’s new Halloween update is super fun to play, and many websites even concluded that it may be the best Halloween update in gaming history.

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