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The Curse of Tippecanoe
The Curse of Tippecanoe
February 15, 2024

Bothersome Acts: Some Things Drive You Crazy

Previously Published Oct. 13, 2022
Some situations can actually drive people crazy. Some hate the traffic and spam emails constantly coming in. Some people can get easily irritated from lack of sleep, caffeine, or stress. Mental illnesses such as depression can also cause people to be vulnerable to irritation. Other reasons such as mosquitos and waking up early can also bother people. Although uncontrollable factors are annoying, hopefully, we can find some common ground.
First, there are factors that decide if something is constituted as “annoying”. Joe Palca from National Geographic says it must be unpleasant while not harmful, unpredictable (hard to remove or predict), and last for a period of time. For example, many diseases like Misophemia and Hypercholesterolemia can also make someone easy to annoy.
There are many other factors that can significantly increase a person’s irritability. One such factor is lack of sleep. The Better Health Channel states that negative moods such as irritability are increased by sleep deprivation. In psych central, Danielle Roeske, PsyD (a doctor of psychology) says, “Irritability and agitation, for instance, can go hand in hand with depression.”
Then, there are mosquitoes. Mosquitos are on another level, and are the most deadly animal in the world due to the diseases they can carry. They not only present the danger of disease, but their bites create itchy bumps that last up to three to four days.
Waking up early is also a very excruciating action. According to The Conversation, the first 15 minutes of waking up is difficult. This is because the brain is not fully working properly. This disoriented feeling after waking up is called sleep inertia.
For a vast amount of people, waiting for people is an annoying thing to do. This is especially shown when people are standing in line for checkout with a lot of items. Waiting can be painful as it gives people a sense of boredom. An article in Psychology Today states that boredom cuts off our wants and needs that let us feel “alive”, such as going behind a slow car. Sometimes the annoyance comes from the person needing to go somewhere quick or is going to run late. Other times, it’s just the thought of wasting time meaninglessly and boredom.
Sometimes, not being able to understand is infuriating. Mumbling while talking may seem small, but it can actually lead to a lot of frustration, effectively ruining the whole conversation. According to Herkey Cutler, people mumble when they either don’t want to be heard or aren’t confident in what they are saying.
We feel these emotions very often, but sometimes the best option is to get moving. Those spam messages won’t stop just because you tell them to.
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