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The Curse of Tippecanoe
The Curse of Tippecanoe
February 15, 2024

Find Your Inner Villain

Previously Published Apr. 27, 2023
  1. What is your favorite stairwell?
  2. Stairwell B
  3. Stairwell A
  4. Stairwell D
  5. Stairwell C
  6. Choose a subject.
  7. Biology
  8. Physics
  9. Math
  10. Chemistry
  11. What’s your favorite rainy day movie we’ve watched this year?
  12. Turning Red
  13. Nemo
  14. Luca
  15. Monsters Inc.
  16. Where do you sit for lunch?
  17. Gym
  18. Outside picnic tables
  19. Cafeteria
  20. A random bench
  21. Choose a room number on the second floor.
  22. Room 244
  23. Room 218
  24. Room 223
  25. Room 209
  26. What is your favorite floor?
  27. First floor
  28. Second floor
  29. Third floor
  30. What kind of question is this?
  31. Choose a school color.
  32. White
  33. Grey
  34. Black
  35. Red
  36. Pick a ceiling texture:
  37. Styrofoam
  38. Popcorn
  39. Smooth
  40. Spray Sand
  41. Pick a My Green Lunch exclusive meal
  42. Cheese Pizza (V)
  43. Macaroni and cheese (V)
  44. Hero Salad – Cobb (GF, E)
  45. Chicken Nuggets & Potato Spuds (DF)
  46. Choose a school event.
  47. Dances
  48. Carnivals
  49. Movie Night
  50. Food Truck Day
So who are you? Check your total number of points and the corresponding villain:
10-13: Gaston
13-16: Hans
16-19: Captain Hook
19-22: Cruella De Vil
22-25: Maleficent
25-28: Scar
28-31: Jafar
31-34: Ursula
34-37: Dr. Facilier
37-40: Mother Gothel
If you got Gaston, you think you’re perfect but guess what–nobody is, including you. You make mistakes and you should work on owning up to them. Get your head away from the mirror and use it to make better decisions!
If you got Hans, you are a little too ambitious for your own good. We know that everyone wants some power, but there’s a limit. You may be driven by feelings of insecurity, but you need to stop comparing yourself to others and find your own path. Meditation is a good option to consider.
If you got Captain Hook, you have your faults, but you are not completely evil. You are overcome by greed and will use others to get to where you want, while still maintaining an air of sophistication. However, in crucial times you will make the noble choice. I recommend taking a philosophy class to make up your mindset in life.
If you got Cruella De Vil, you love attention and will go to any length for it. This causes you to make reckless decisions, as you are acting purely on impulse- not a bad thing, but a little self destructive. You refuse to give in even when you know it is hopeless, usually ending in your demise. Let’s work on thinking before we act.
If you got Maleficent, you’re ruthless and won’t stop at anything to achieve your goals. You’re smart, but you waste your time doing useless things. There’s probably something you’re currently obsessing over, and we’re here to tell you that you need to learn to get over it. Like Taylor Swift once said, “I’m the problem and that is a fact that you need to face.”
If you got Scar, you could be a strong leader if you let go of your pride. You’re a bit entitled, but it usually gets you what you want. You definitely think you’re better than everyone else and have a big ego. You’re the type of person to post motivational quotes about conquering the day the second you wake up. It’s ok, someone has to do it.
If you got Jafar, you refuse to be second best and this causes you to make some poor decisions. There’s better ways to get what you want than putting others down and lying, you know. You get easily frustrated and lash out when things do go your way, so it might be a good idea to work on that. The good news is you have a great sense of fashion.
If you got Ursula, you would make a great debater. You may not be very strong physically, but you can get into the head of your enemies and trick them into doing what you want. You are highly egotistical and have no sense of remorse nor morality, but you are fiercely loyal to those who are close to you. Maybe work on opening up to people!
If you got Dr. Facilier, your outward appearance is deceiving, as you try to portray the image of someone who is charming and smooth, but deep down you’re not as put together as others believe. You have a sharp mind and tend to use it for wrong things. Take it down a notch with the magic tricks and work on managing those anger issues.
If you got Mother Gothel, you are a brilliant actor and are able to ensnare others with this skill. Your possessiveness and selfish nature may cause those around you to pull back, because you don’t consider others feelings when acting. Put a daily reminder on your phone to remind yourself the world does not revolve around you. Other people have lives too.
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