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Senior Sunrise


— 08/14/2023 7:24 PM 

“So are we gonna do this or not? “

— 08/14/2023 8:05 PM

“hey i think we should do middle of winter when the sunrise is 7am and we dont have to get up as early !!”

— 08/14/2023 8:18 PM

“sunrise is @ 6:30am”

— 08/14/2023 8:18 PM

“Can we do like 1 pm i don’t wanna wake up lowkey”

— 08/14/2023 8:18 PM

“i am physically incapable of waking up at 530”

— 08/14/2023 8:18 PM


we’ll push the sun back”

— 08/14/2023 8:18 PM


— 08/14/2023 8:32 PM

“why are we waiting until 2024 for the senior sunrise?”


Final destination: Del Monte Park (a 12-minute walk from BASIS Independent Silicon Valley)

Final date & time: Monday, August 28th, 5:30 AM

First Light: 6:08 AM

Sunrise: 6:34 AM

Forecast: 61°F, clear & calm skies.


React [thumbs up] (30) if you are coming; react [thumbs down] (5) if you are not.

—Credits to our wonderful classmate Kevin X. (kiwi).


We were, in fact, not waiting until 2024 for our senior sunrise.

For those of you who may not know, the Senior Sunrise is an American high school tradition where the graduating class gathers outside before first light to watch the sunrise together and celebrate the hopes of a new, successful beginning after the end of their high school journey—an ode to their last year in high school. 

As Bobcats from the BISV class of ‘24 made it to Del Monte Park in the early morning, they gathered together and situated themselves among their friends. Blankets were spread over the fields or wrapped around people in a sea of backpacks, hoodies, PJ pants, and laughter. Phew. The air was quite chilly (as kiwi had stated). 

Some played cricket on the grass. Others huddled in the warmth of their friends, taking pictures with film cameras and phones to capture this moment for years to come. *click!* Several wandering classmates ended up on the playground, entertaining themselves with the swings and the spinning (but wet) contraption, reminiscent of their inner child. While the sunrise had already started by the time most of us dragged ourselves out of bed, we still enjoyed a brief, rare moment of silence in solidarity as we gazed at the pink and orange-yellow sky, partially covered by tall trees moving in the gentle breeze. 

6:20 AM, group picture time. “Everyone, squish in!

3 2 1! Smile! ” Our classmate’s dad laughed as he took pictures of us against the almost-gone sunrise. 

Sadly, we didn’t get to watch the sunrise together as a group as many arrived after it had started, but we still enjoyed this tradition nonetheless.

After sunrise, breakfast and hangout plans were formed for those without P0 and/or P1, and thus we went our ways. Many walked or drove to the Breakfast Club at Midtown, a bougie breakfast place, while some went to good ol’ Peet’s Coffee in downtown Willow Glen, getting donuts and boba on their walk back.

Though this year’s senior sunrise was planned a bit late, I’m glad we followed through with this tradition and formed some core memories for our final year as BISV Bobcats. 🙂

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