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JID’s Forever Story

JIDs Forever Story

Atlanta rapper JID, born Destin Choice Route, released his third studio album, The Forever Story, on August 26, 2022. This project sees JID over a decade into being a rapper. Initially deciding to pursue a music career after leaving a football scholarship at Hampton University, JID spent a few years as an independent artist. In 2014, through a mutual acquaintance, JID was introduced to J. Cole, who was interested enough in JID’s music to invite him to his home studio. This meeting eventually led to JID’s first big break in 2017 when he signed with Cole’s Dreamville label and released his first album The Never Story. Though the project was well received, JID’s breakthrough came from the release of his 2018 album Dicaprio 2. After 4 years of relative silence, The Forever Story was released.
JID’s stage name originates from his grandmother’s observations of him being a “jittery” child, and his rapping style does in part embody this description. His rapid pace, changes in cadence, and flow switches expresses his “jitteriness”; however, JID is by no means “jumpy”. In fact, he is pretty much the opposite of jumpy because his dense rhymes and calm delivery give his rapping an effortless flow.
If you are interested in JID’s fast flows paired with harder-hitting production, you might like tracks such as “Raydar,” “Dance Now,” “Can’t Punk Me,” “Surround Sound,” “Just in Time,” and “Lauder Too.” The first time JID raps on the album is on “Raydar,” and he does not hold back. The production on this track before the first beat-switch seems to leave the floor open for JID to put his skills on full display as the beat is little more than a single 808 (a kind of heavy bass sound) and a few sparse percussive elements. When the beat-switches come, JID smoothly switches his flow to match the new production. Another great track in this style is “Can’t Punk Me.” It features bongos and a playful yet driving baseline, where JID and EARTHGANG, who are also signed to Dreamville and are long time friends of JID’s, jump into dense and fast verses that lead into an aggressive and energetic hook.
In addition to his faster style, JID also tries some more laid-back or reflective melodies, often incorporating singing into his verses or hooks. Tracks like “Kody Blu 31,” “Sistanem,” “Can’t Make You Change,” and “Better Days” are all melodic. “Kody Blu 31”, which is half-sung and half-rapped, is the best example of him leaning into this style. The production has a slow, marching feel and JID’s singing sounds surprisingly good. In addition, the pained and melancholic repetitions of “swing on, swing on” are very beautiful.
In an interview with Apple Music, JID called The Forever Story an album about his origin story. Throughout the tracks, JID unpacks a lot about his family, upbringing, and rise as a rapper. For example, on “Sistanem”, he talks about the difficult relationship he has with his sister. JID feels himself growing distant from his sister because she is concerned for him for living a rapper’s lifestyle, so throughout the track, he tries to ease her mind by saying that he hasn’t changed and that God will deal with him if he ends up on the wrong path. He, however, admits the stark reality where he does let his work precede family, and he is not immune to vices that come with being a rapper. Other personal and story-driven tracks include “Crack Sandwich,” “Better Days,” and “2007.”
The combination of great rapping, introspective lyrics, and versatile production make The Forever Story JID’s best project.

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