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Autumn Activities


The excitement of summer has melted away, and with the onset of chilly weather and changing leaves, fall has finally arrived. A new season means new options for activities, which fit the crisp yet cozy ambience of autumn. Underneath, I’ve compiled the top five things to do during this time of the year — be sure to make the most of this season!

  1. Apple Picking

If you enter a supermarket these days, a bright display of apples greets you at the door. Apple season is officially at its peak, and somebody has to pick the fruits off the trees. This group activity not only allows you and your friends to get some exercise in, but also sends you home with supplies for making various treats — apple pie, apple cobbler, apple crisp, and more. 

  1. Baking

The smell of warm bread baking in the oven, the feeling of dough in your hand and the taste of sickly sweet pastries all have a distinct fall feeling. Baking is never not an enjoyable activity, but it’s taken to another level when the air outside is cold, and the oven is warming up the room. If you need ideas for what to make, you can never go wrong with cinnamon rolls. Straightforward and easy to bake, this dessert creates a delicious aroma and has a mouthwatering taste. 

  1. Camping 

Though surrounding yourself with nature is not for everyone, I’m here to present some pros to battle the cons. While the night is freezing, a warm campfire instantly heats you up, and not to mention the endless amounts of s’mores you can eat. Don’t forget to look up to see the mirage of stars blanketing the sky. The gorgeous view could cause anybody to forget about the uncomfortableness that comes with sleeping outdoors. As long as it’s not too cold, you could try sleeping without a tent, so this way the stars hang right above you as you fall into slumber. 

  1. Movie Night

Comfy blankets and hot chocolate; pick a movie and prepare for a simple night in. A fall movie is not something you can simply define. Start with a rom-com — When Harry Met Sally or Little Women are top contenders. If you want to step up a notch, try Dead Poets Society or If Beale Street Could Talk for a wistful and pondering vibe. Finally, for those select horror movies fans, When a Stranger Calls or Halloween never disappoint for a good scare. 

  1. Farmers’ Market 

Sunday mornings are reserved for one thing and one thing only: going to a Farmers’ Market. Vendors line up on the side of streets, and virtually any fresh food can be found here in this haven. The bustling atmosphere is a major part of the appeal, and in autumn, the weather is ideal for standing outside. Not to mention, seasonal produce such as butternut squash and pumpkins tastes best when bought from a farmer’s market.

So the next time you’re asking yourself what to do, and it happens to be fall, pick out one of these activities. Inside, outside, alone, or with a group, this list covers it all!


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