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Things I do in my free time


1) Browse my photos

I have like 10,000 photos on my phone because I want to remember everything that happened in every stage of my life. As soon as I see the photos I took, I am reminded of my feelings at the time: happy, anxious, or depressed. I believe that all those moments are invaluable because they encompass all different versions of myself and are proof that I have lived, fully. Each time I look at my photos, I know that the past is never dead.

2) Look for cute outfits on Xiaohongshu and then shop online

One question that troubles me a lot is what to wear today, tomorrow, and next week, even though this might just be another excuse for me to purchase lovely dresses. I am obsessed with Lolita dresses, though I know some people would stare at me if I went out in public wearing them. Having cute outfits is of the utmost importance to me because they keep me in a good mood, and my productivity depends on them.

3) Order a milk tea or fruit tea and a dessert

Nothing to explain really. I mean, who can say no to milk tea and delicious cake?? Desserts are the reason why I’m willing to stay alive.

4) Match my clothes 

If I am going to hang out with my friends, I like to plan my outfits in advance, and I select different outfits based on my activity of the day. When I don’t have any inspiration, I just start randomly matching all of my clothes. Matching clothes of different colors and styles is so much fun and fosters creativity! 

5) Organize my bag and clean my room

I know this sounds ridiculous for someone as lazy as me, but I do, sometimes, have this impulse to throw away all the trash papers in my bag and organize my folders. Listening to music while cleaning my room always makes me feel like I’m an energetic person, even though I am not. Additionally, I like to be surprised by the things I discover when organizing my room. Trying to decipher what they are and their stories with me is just like solving a mystery.

6) Read my primary school diary

It is really embarrassing to read your childhood diary because you are going to realize how silly you used to be. Sometimes I also feel something subtle when I realize how things have changed in just a few years. Maybe this is when I realize I finally understand that friends around me come and go, or when I recall the kind of person I used to be. 


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