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To Overturn Originality


Curiosity and creativity are the banes of human existence and must be abolished through the improvement of America’s school systems. In order to encourage nationwide improvement, we must first recognize individuality as the root cause of the limitations and instead promote uniformity as a necessity to expedite students’ growth.

We can find our ultimate goal within the very start of the Bible and of our world itself; it was the curiosity of Adam and Eve that made them leave behind their simple life, without knowing right from wrong. If it weren’t for the inevitable lust of knowledge, we would have all lived an easy life along a riverbank, sipping wine and staying simple creatures. If we desire to go back to a time as peaceful and great as that, we must do our best to return to the simple mindsets of our ancestors.

It is said that “great minds think alike.” With the coming of a no-longer peaceful world, it is clearly evident that we need many, many more great minds. And, as the famous proverb states, many more great minds would all think alike. It is their similarity that makes these minds truly great, and in order to nourish the maximum with our limited resources and most efficient amount of great minds, all different minds must be extinguished.

To take on this seemingly impossible task, we look to the children of our country. They are the future and roots of our great country of freedom, patriotism, and (ethnic) diversity! It has been long since known that we believe in  equality of opportunity. Every citizen of the USA has their own chance to strike it rich in their own unique fashion with the preparation of our own similar school systems. The best way to protect and enforce this equality of opportunity is by making sure all children are only provided the same resources they generally need rather than catering resources based on each person; if all are the same, no student can be singled out, hence exterminating bullying and discrimination, which is a major issue that tends to result in completely different personal experiences. Instead, they will rely on the well-oiled machine of our new and improved system. By this method, all students will both be equal and have equal opportunities, and their inquisitiveness will be extirpated.

Our education system must be designed to put the students through the same lessons day after day so that they may experience what it means to be truly alike; while art, music, sports, and other fun hobbies may improve mental health for students, such benefits are overall negligible in comparison to the detrimental development of distinctiveness of the student, and thus, these activities must be abolished and replaced with classes which emphasize rote memorization and other traditional methods.

This must be a joint effort between schools and the parents of the students enrolled in them. “It is truly a shame we have allowed our education systems to fall so far,” one parent declared. Meanwhile, other outraged parents are crying for these changes all over the nation. “My children have spent too much time learning independent thought! They come home and question everything I do, and it’s causing me headaches,” said one especially frustrated parent. “They’re teaching our kids to be miscreants to the rules of society. Rules are rules for a reason.” Across our country, tens of millions of parents echo these viewpoints.

It is high time that these complaints should be addressed. We aim to reform our education system and provide high hopes for our youth. While this current generation may not be fully influenced by this idea, enhancing our schools now will allow our future generations to pursue conformity and improvement of thought.

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