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How to Reject a College Rejection: A Comprehensive Guide


Now that the actual application portion of college applications has been completed, the next hardest part soon approaches—college decisions. But as some might dread the thought of being rejected by their dream college, fear not, for the Bunion has the perfect solution for you even if you do wind up rejected. As one last way of standing out from the masses, the Bunion advises you to send in a letter to the college of your dreams… rejecting their rejection letter. If you simply choose not to accept their rejection, then it essentially boils down to the same thing as being accepted in the first place. But how would you go about writing this letter? Luckily for you, your friends at the Bunion have devised a guide for writing these rejection rejection letters!

Tip 1: Try to search for errors in the rejection letter.

Scour the rejection letter for anything that you can call incorrect and thus invalidate the rejection. Does this letter have a typo somewhere? A missing period or comma? Or even, was it actually sent out several minutes after the admissions results were meant to come out? Call those out, and use them as the fundamental basis for your rejection letter. State something along the lines of: “Because of the error present in your rejection letter, I will not consider it to be valid and thus will be rejecting it.” However, if you can’t find anything like that, do not fret, for you can still write a rejection letter for a rejection without that sort of error present.

Tip 2: Imitate the formal language used to reject you

The admissions were entirely serious about rejecting you, so make sure it is clear that you are serious about rejecting their rejection as well by using language similar to that of the original rejection. Some of the phrases that are commonly included in rejection letters are “we are greatly thankful for your interest,” “it is with regret that we must inform you,” and “we appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into this.” Try your best to include at least one or two of them, but including all three would be for the best.

Tip 3: Reaffirm your own worth and experience repeatedly

Clearly, a major reason you are rejecting this rejection letter must be because you are incredibly talented and certainly fit for this school. Make sure to emphasize this in your rejection letter. State that you surely must have been rejected by mistake, or something along those lines, as you are one of the the most promising and talented individuals of your entire generation and there is certainly no way some college would have chosen to reject such a person, right? Surely, this was a mistake on the college’s part, and you are correcting their mistake by then rejecting their rejection letter and the college should be infinitely grateful for your existence. Make sure to drill that in.

Tip 4: End with a show of dedication

The best way to conclude a rejection letter is with a promise to show up at the start of the next school year. Some may read this as vaguely threatening, but we at the Bunion would like to consider this a statement of your dedication instead—that you are willing to attend no matter what obstacles stand in your way. It represents just how serious your letter is, and that you are absolutely certain you can dedicate the next four or so years of your life to this school, despite an initial rejection. A perfect ending note for a rejection rejection letter.

With these four tips, you can now put together a flawless message to reject a rejection letter from your dream college. But if you still find yourself stuck, the Bunion has provided an example below for inspiration.

“Dear De Anza College Admissions,

I am eternally grateful and humbled by the fact that you have chosen to offer a rejection letter to me. I know it is difficult and incredibly taxing to choose who to reject from your esteemed institute. However, it is with regret that I must inform you I have chosen to reject your letter of rejection that you had sent me prior. For one, there is a missing comma on the second line of the first paragraph, which is such a fatal error that it invalidates the existence of your letter in the first place. In addition, I am certain that your rejection must have been a critical mistake, as my flawless SAT score of 400 clearly indicates my aptitude for learning and my brilliant intelligence. For these following reasons, I have deemed your rejection of my application invalid, and am therefore rejecting it in turn.

I sincerely hope you understand my reasons for this, and that you will acknowledge your mistakes in rejecting my application. As such, I shall be joining your Fall 2024 freshman class. I will see you all at campus later this year when the term begins!”

The Bunion hopes that these tips and the above example letter will be of great help to you in your college-rejecting endeavors. Happy rejecting!

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