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Whiteboard Bears Running Rampant


Recently, there has been a common phenomena of mysterious little creature sightings across the school. Some students have reported seeing “small, brown and fast balls of fur” wreaking havoc across different locations, from taking items from the Lost and Found to knocking over beakers in chemistry labs. In fact, some people have even reported tripping over them in hallways, or seeing them run out of their lockers. However, no one has been able to get a good look at these creatures, and have had little to contribute to our investigation. We at the Bunion have been thorough, and we have located the source of these little creatures: unsuspecting whiteboard drawings in a certain classroom.

Ms. Silva, resident English teacher and commonly known bear enthusiast, spends most of her school day teaching in Room 233, located in a corner of the second floor. It seems like a typical classroom, until you notice the bear drawings scattered across the whiteboard near the entrance door. Bears of all sorts of varieties gather here, ranging from Dracula bears to Santa bears to even just sleepy bears. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with them, until you realize that periodically, they seem to just… disappear. Usually, after a long break, they seemingly get erased from the whiteboard, leaving no remnants behind. But of course, that is only what it seems like on the surface. Further analysis has led to the conclusion that rather than being eliminated by a janitor erasing them, these bears are instead taking this lack of human witness as an opportunity, using this time to escape from the whiteboard and run rampant around the school.

In fact, Ms. Silva even has witnessed some of these bears herself. “They’re a little shy, but they warm up to you eventually,” she noted. Every year, her homeroom class draws more bears on the whiteboard, so she is already experienced with handling these little rampant critters. “A few of them hang out in my office regularly. But they usually pretend to be a part of a 3D printed model on my desk whenever someone unfamiliar walks in.”

However, as of right now, no one is aware of whether or not it’s possible to keep the bear situation fully under control, or to prevent them from continuing to wreak havoc across the school. “They seem to respond well to food, but that can cause a mess,” Ms. Silva commented. “I suppose it just takes time for them to warm up to people. They’re shy, so they tend to flee on sight, which sometimes causes trouble.”

The next time you pass by Room 233, check if there are still bears on the whiteboard. If not, that means they’ve likely escaped from the board and are now running around the school. In that case, make sure to watch out for your belongings, and stay aware of any little bears in your surroundings!

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