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Whitest Paint Found

Previously Published Oct 6. 2021

Previously Published Oct 6. 2021

Certified by the latest edition of the Guinness Book of World Records, Professor Xiulin Ruan and his team have developed the “world’s whitest paint.” However, winning an international award was not the primary objective for producing this ultra-white pigment. This brand of paint is capable of shielding buildings and vehicles from the talons of global warming. What initially appears to be a cosmetic marvel has numerous unexpected benefits from an environmental standpoint. 

Do you remember learning about light absorption in middle school? Well, the same properties are utilized by ultra-white paint. Due to the paint’s extreme whiteness, it is capable of reflecting around 98% of solar radiation. As a result, objects exposed to sunlight are cooler coated with the paint than without. The cooling effect of an ultra-white paint coating can essentially mimic the function of an air-conditioning unit by reducing the heat that enters a building. Additionally, a simple coating would be relatively inexpensive without any need for maintenance. 

Xiulin Ruan, the spearhead of the ultra-white paint project, is a professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue University. With his extensive educational background in thermodynamics and solar energy, Ruan seemed to be the perfect man for the job of developing a solar-resistant paint specimen. It’s also important to acknowledge the diligence of Ruan’s graduate students and subordinates. For instance, Xiangyu Li and Joseph Peoples, both being postdoctoral researchers in the professor’s lab, have made astonishing discoveries regarding pigment production. 

Ultra-white paint will have profound impacts around the world when mass-produced. Global warming is advancing due to carbon emissions, so the regulation of temperature is a foremost concern. Because air-conditioning is becoming more of a necessity, there’s hope that the “world’s whitest paint” will become a more affordable alternative. 

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