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The Revolutionary McLaren Artura

Previously published Apr 3. 2021

Previously published Apr 3. 2021

Recently, McLaren Automotive released pictures of the Artura, their new sleek supercar. The hybrid Artura has many surprising quirks in terms of its engine, horsepower, and design. The company plans for the car to be sold in 2022 at a base price of $225,000. The Artura gained a few minor features that will give the driver an exciting thrill but stay comfortable simultaneously.

The quirks and features of the Artura improve both the speed, practicality, and comfort while driving the car. The Artura has a 3.0 Liter twin-turbo V6 petrol engine. Despite this engine usually being implemented in pickup trucks, the Porsche 911 Turbo S, Nissan 370Z, Acura NSX, Nissan GT-R, and many more sports cars have utilized a V6. The McLaren generates 671 horsepower, allowing it to accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in less than three seconds. For peak performance in weight and speed, McLaren implemented their car with Carbon Lightweight Architecture, making it lighter than its predecessor. In the engine, the designers used a lithium-ion battery protected by a carbon fiber safety cell. The battery allows the car to regenerate electricity under certain circumstances. Still, static was not a priority as it only restores 80% of its range (19 miles) in two and a half hours. Due to the addition of the new rear-suspension system and downforce and balanced torque, the Artura can handle sharp corners at high speeds even while drifting. To improve practicality, the car has an eight-inch touchscreen, which helps keep the steering wheel free of buttons, faced towards the driver. Lastly, the car comes with adaptive cruise control and road-sign recognition.

The Artura is a ground-breaking car because it incorporates several unseen features in McLaren Automotive history. For example, this was the company’s first plug-in hybrid supercar with a V6. Mike Flewitt, McLaren’s CEO, describes their new car as “low and lean” but “minimal and powerful,” and he claimed it was the “next-generation McLaren.” The Artura is a giant leap for McLaren as it has several new and exciting features that amplify the practicality, acceleration, and comfortability of the sleek car.

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