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The Curse of Tippecanoe
The Curse of Tippecanoe
February 15, 2024

What is DECA?

You’ve probably heard of DECA. It’s the largest club at BISV, where around a hundred aspiring student leaders gather to enhance their critical thinking, writing, and presentational skills while learning more about the business world. However, for those not in DECA, many are curious about the following question:
What exactly is DECA?
DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) is an internationally recognized competitive business organization providing students the opportunity to find solutions to real life situations. Students can participate in a range of events ranging from topics in the main clusters: Marketing, Business Management & Administration, Hospitality & Tourism, or Finance. Most events will consist of a prepared or improvised presentation, and there are two main types of events: writtens and roleplays. Writtens require a 10-20 page business plan to be submitted before the competition and a 10-15 minute presentation during the conference, while roleplays require students to take a specific MCQ test and complete a roleplay(s), depending on their event.
Students will attend two conferences each year: for BASIS Independent Silicon Valley students, it’s the regional SVCDC (Silicon Valley Career Development Conference) in January, and the California SCDC (State Career Development Conference) in March. Of course, if DECA members qualify for ICDC (International Career Development Conference) during SCDC, they have the choice to attend this prestigious, highly-selective Conference as well.
At the conferences, students will take tests, improvise formal interviews based on scenarios, and present their writtens (business plans, business research, etc.). At the end of the conference, some students will take home pins, medals, and even DECA glass (trophies) for being some of the top performers in their events.
In their free time, DECA members can be seen milling around the hotel venue and food places within a one-mile radius of the hotel, chatting and hanging out after a long day of presentations (boba & ramen included!!). After all, an attractive feature of DECA is its ability for students to temporarily escape from school and spend more time with friends, as well as meet new people.
Interview with DECA Members: (describe DECA in a sentence)
“It’s really great seeing people from other schools at the conference, and being able to hang out with school friends, too.” – AH
“DECA creates unforgettable experiences with friends while also allowing members to have fun pretending to be business people.” – NJ
“Love of my life.” – PP
“Public speaking and anxiety have never been more fun!” – BY
“Fun and profit. Also, join.” – Ms. Silva
Next up, a short Interview with the DECA Officers!
Describe DECA in three words.
CW: “Exhilarating, Rewarding, and Inspiring!”
CZ: “Business, Presentation, Community”
RV: “An Open-minded Entrepreneurial Community.”
Why did you choose to join DECA?
CW: “I joined DECA my sophomore year because a lot of my friends were in it and the conferences seemed so much fun. I was also interested in learning more about business and improving my public speaking skills. DECA was perfect for those goals!”
What have you learnt from your experiences in DECA?
CZ: “I’ve learned how to let my guard down when talking to strangers and speak the ideas that come to my mind on the spot.”
If you could change one thing about DECA, it would be…
RV: “…bringing in more smaller conference opportunities for DECA members throughout California to get to know each other and have fun while learning new things.”
Lastly, A Closing Note:
DECA is not only an organization, but also a community. From California DECA, to Silicon Valley DECA, and our very own BASIS Independent Silicon Valley DECA Chapter, we work together to uplift each DECA member into achieving their full potential.
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