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Ranking Halloween Candy (Tier List)

Ranking Halloween Candy (Tier List)

As the leaves turn vibrant shades of crimson and gold, and the crisp autumn breeze fills the air, it can mean only one thing: Halloween is lurking just around the corner. Amidst the anticipation for costumes, haunted houses, and eerie decorations, there’s another delightful aspect of this spooktacular season that we simply can’t ignore–Halloween candy. But not all treats are created equal, and that’s where the BISV Quill comes into play. The BISV Quill has made a tier list based on price, calories, and amount per packet. These lists are mostly based on data we gathered and our personal opinion.

Price (at Walmart)

  1. Twizzlers- $0.186/oz
  2. Candy Corn- $0.210/oz
  3. Nerds- $0.246/oz
  4. Skittles- $0.264/oz
  5. Jolly Ranchers- $0.281/oz
  6. Reese’s- $0.305/oz
  7. Starburst- $0.310/oz
  8. Laffy Taffy- $0.319/oz
  9. Haribo gummy bears- $0.320/oz
  10. Sour Patch- $0.356/oz
  11. Kitkat- $0.367/oz 
  12. Twix- $0.382/oz
  13. Butterfinger- $0.388/oz
  14. Crunch- $0.496/oz
  15. Milky Way- $0.458/oz
  16. Hershey- $0.459/oz
  17. Snickers- $0.461/oz  
  18. M&M’s- $0.478/ oz
  19. Swedish Fish- $0.569/oz
  20. Ring Pops- $0.812/oz


  1. Jolly Ranchers- 4620/pack(23.33…each)
  2. Twizzlers- 1320/pack(110 each)
  3. Laffy Taffy- 1320/pack(37 each)
  4. Haribo gummy bears- 560/pack(14 each) 
  5. Nerds- 528/pack(NA)
  6. Swedish Fish- 525/pack(21 each)
  7. Sour Patch- 385/pack(9.17 each)
  8. Twix- 286/bar(286 each)
  9. Butterfinger- 275/bar(275 each) 
  10. Skittles- 250/pack(4.5 each)
  11. Milky Way- 240/bar(240 each)
  12. Kitkat- 240/bar(80 each)
  13. Starburst- 240/pack(20 each)
  14. M&M’s- 230/pack(4.18 each)
  15. Crunch- 220/bar(55 each)
  16. Hershey’s – 220/pack(220 each) 
  17. Reese’s- 220/pack(110 each)
  18. Snickers- 215/bar(215 each)
  19. Ring Pops- 180/pack(45 each)
  20. Candy Corn- NA(7 each)

Amount per Pack(oz)

  1. Jolly Ranchers- 66 pieces(14oz)
  2. Twizzlers- 12 pieces(14oz) 
  3. Laffy Taffy- 36 pieces(12.28oz)
  4. Swedish Fish- 25 pieces(5oz)
  5. Nerds- NA(5oz)
  6. Haribo gummy bears-  40 pieces(4oz)
  7. Skittles- 56 pieces(2.17oz) 
  8. Butterfinger- 1 bar(2.1oz)
  9. Starburst- 12 pieces(2.07oz)
  10. Twix- 1 bar(2oz)
  11. Milky Way- 1 bar(1.84oz)
  12. M&M’s- 55 pieces(1.75oz) 
  13. Kitkat- 4 pieces(1.58oz) 
  14. Snickers- 1 bar(1.56oz)
  15. Hershey’s – 1 bar(1.55oz) 
  16. Crunch- 5 pieces(1.55oz)
  17. Reese’s- 2 pieces(1.5oz)
  18. Ring Pops- 4 pieces(1.4oz)
  19. Sour Patch- 42 pieces(1.06oz)
  20. Candy Corn- NA

Personal Opinion

  1. Sour Patch – Sweet and sour is a good combo for candy, but the powder gets messy (the watermelon ones are top-tier).
  2. Butterfinger – We love the flakiness and flavor;it reminds me of this Chinese snack called dragon’s beard candy. 
  3. Jolly Ranchers – It’s also a very solid candy, but it takes too long to eat because it’s very hard. You might end up eating some of the plastic wrapper too.
  4. Swedish Fish – It has a very  satisfying texture, and it’s super sweet. Unfortunately,  it can get stuck in your teeth a lot.
  5. Haribo gummy bears – They taste good, and the chewiness is also very satisfying. Sadly, only half of the flavors are good.
  6. Skittles – They’re solid, but you can’t eat a lot at a time. 
  7. Twix – They’re given out everywhere. It’s a basic candy, but the quality is top tier. The caramel is delicious, the wafer on the bottom is so crunchy and yummy, and the chocolate is just right. We can eat so many of these in one sitting, but the left and right thing is kinda stupid.
  8. Starburst – We think that only the pink ones are good (without pink starbursts it would be ranked at 16).
  9. Ring Pops – They’re similar to a Jolly Rancher, but they make your fingers super sticky when you lick them while wearing them.
  10. Snickers – They’re the  peanut version of Twix but ten times  worse.
  11. Reeses – We’re not a fan of the super thick peanut-flavored filling on the inside, as it makes our mouths super dry.
  12. Kit Kat – The crunchy chocolate wafer is always a good combo, but the chocolate melts really easily.
  13. Nerds – They’re too sweet, and unless you dump all of them into your mouth, they’re not very satisfying
  14. Crunch – They’re very underrated; the crunch is pretty good.
  15. Laffy Taffy – They’re  decent, but they stuck in my teeth; plus, the flavoring is kind of mediocre 
  16. M&M’s – They’re ok;the peanut ones are better though.
  17. Hershey’s – They’re a classic chocolate brand but it’s just mediocre overall. 
  18. Milky Way – They’re very boring and don’t taste that good.
  19. Candy corn – Candy corn is an iconic Halloween candy but it tastes really bad.
  20. Twizzlers – They’re bland, too chewy, sweet but not sweet enough to cover up everything else.


  1. Jolly Ranchers
  2. Haribo gummy bears
  3. Butterfinger 
  4. Skittles 
  5. Sour Patch
  6. Twix 
  7. Swedish Fish
  8. Starburst 
  9. Nerds  
  10. Twizzlers 
  11. Kit Kat 
  12. Laffy Taffy
  13. Reeses 
  14. Snickers 
  15. Crunch  
  16. Ring Pops 
  17. M&Ms 
  18. Milky Way
  19. Candy  Corn
  20. Hershey’s 

Our Halloween tier list offers a comprehensive evaluation of various candies one might encounter while trick-or-treating. We have incorporated both subjective opinions and objective data to provide a clear ranking. Keep in mind that your personal preferences may not align with the data and our opinions. This list serves as a helpful guide to consider various factors when purchasing candy and planning your trick-or-treating adventures.

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